Summer SEO Case Study - A look at SEO Improvements (with numbers)
Search Engine Optimization

It’s summer and we wanted to share with you how some of our SEO Client projects are going. We love big SEO results and wanted to showcase how things are progressing. Our Search Engine Optimization options are vast, we have several packages that can accommodate nearly every budget.

Take a look at these results and let then get in contact with us to get a free SEO consultation. We’d love to explain to you how we’re getting the results and what we can do to improve your website and get you more traffic, leads and conversions.

Dentist Office SEO

Working through the first month and a half of results on a new Search Engine Optimization campaign and we’re seeing large jumps in organic rankings.

Website SEO ranking improvement for Dentist

What’s new and showing up (working its way over the last 30 days):

New keywords Appear SEO Dentist Office

What’s getting these SEO results?

  • Website speed improvements.
  • Updated content.
  • Increased content length.
  • On-site improvements.
  • Backlinking strategy.

Prior to this SEO plan, the score was a 36% (for SEO purposes). Here’s our last audit from a little over a week ago.

Website Audit for Dentist Company

New website SEO for a Service Business

When you start a website with a Domain Authority of 1, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Luckily, with the right search engine optimization plan you can start jumping in the rankings. Here’s an example of where we’re at with a new website (2 months of an SEO plan with Spark Logix Studios).

New Website for Service Company

This is the start. Competitive keywords can be very lucrative but they take time and effort. SEO is one of the best marketing plans due to the fact that as you build it, you improve. And your improvements (with steady growth and continued fostering) build a long term strategy that doesn’t just get “turned off” like advertising methods.

Here’s a look at the website audit

(for a new site we’ve built, we should expect a perfect score) – we know what we’re doing! 🙂

Perfect Audit Score from a website built by Spark Logix


Here’s an example of a website that’s been around for awhile but recently received a full website re-build from Spark Logix Studios.

Local Gym SEO Improvement

Great growth from a total website rebuild + speed improvements.

New Attorney Office SEO Plan

It’s true, a new website is a tough place to start. However, when you start doing the right thing, you improve. Ongoing improvement via our SEO methods, gets results. Take a look at the jump in the first 2 months of starting the fresh, new website. It’s pretty incredible, especially for the fact that these topics are a tough keyword fight, the competition is fierce.

Attorney Office SEO Numbers

More on the rise!

More SEO Improvements

Established Blogs (We Build, Design and Manage)

Here’s a look at what we’ve been managing for awhile. These #1-3 positions drive thousands of page views daily. Great SEO is long lasting and provides incredible traffic when done correctly.

Long Term SEO
Incredible SEO for High Traffic Terms

The Power of Good SEO

It’s true, when you find a reputable SEO company that shows you results, you want nothing more than to keep it going, boost the results and bask in the conversions.

At Spark Logix Studios we offer honest, trustworthy Search Engine Optimization. Get in contact with us to learn more and get pricing.


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  1. Emmerey Rose

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing Rob! I was wondering, what is your best SEO tip for small entrepreneurs out there who wants to rank but has no budget to hire an SEO team? 🙂


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