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Web Services

Our digital marketing management offers Clients the ability to discover and capture customers at the right stage of the lead / purchase funnel. Our search, paid, social, outreach, and technical techniques combined with our select technology allows your business the advantage you’ve been craving.

We offer package services to get you focused on your business while we grow it. Our take control approach gives you the confidence to build something you’re proud of. Let us help you grow your revenue.

Digital Agency Gameplan

This is a walk through of what you can have when working with Spark Logix Studios.

Optimized Web Design

Using WordPress we create for your organization a custom designed user experience. Our competitors pricing can be upwards of 10X the cost, for nothing more. We learn about your business and use our expertise to ensure the site we build is specifically optimized with conversions in mind.

If you have concepts you’re wanting to see, let’s use those and apply our marketing knowledge to improve and create something very special. There are no boundaries with our capacity in WordPress web design. We stand with you to get the site design perfect.

Custom WordPress
Website Design Minnesota & Colorado

SEO Audit & Reporting

Technical SEO

During the process of creating a perfectly designed website we take in to account all of the technical aspects you need in order to rank in the search engine results pages (ie: Google). We create a thorough, technologically advanced website for clear readability by search engines. This process takes the guesswork out of SEO.

When we launch a site we have an audit plan and several specific processes (steps) to ensure all on-site SEO is equipped as it should be. In addition to this we manage Google Search Console and the accurate XML Sitemaps and Schema data that you’ve got to get right the first time.

Audit & Site Speed

Already have a website you love?

That’s just fine, we’ll take a look and make any modifications that are needed for SEO purposes. When we’re done with it, it’ll be optimized and ready for a full SEO Campaign!

Search Engine Optimization

One of the toughest things to manage if you do it alone: SEO. Our process gives your website everything it needs to fight against the competition. We rank keywords and build traffic to your website. Now that you have all the technical aspects established, we take it a step further with outreach and on-site SEO management.

This process involves years of experience to get your SEO just right. We have the right process to build traffic and rank for the right keywords. One of the biggest reasons a site ranks well in Google is backlinks, we guarantee placement on high Domain Authority websites. We also use correct practices for on-site management. Don’t do it alone, Search Engine Optimization pays off. And if you don’t do it, your competition probably is. Lost leads. Avoid all that and contact us now!

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Looking for a complete plan?

We have plans! These are all of the elements you need to make sure your internet marketing gets an A+. Contact us today and we can create the exact plan to fit your goals and budget.

Local Search Marketing

Local Business: Mastered

If you have a local business and you’re not working on better search engine rankings you’re losing out on new leads. With the right mix of optimization efforts and our know-how we can ensure you beat out your competition. The more real estate you can grab on a search engine results page the more stable your business becomes. And when you get it right and maintain it, it lasts.

We take our years of experience to put in place a long lasting marketing campaign that gets the right traction with the right audience. Worry about running your business and making it better while we take care of your online exposure.

Local Search

Reputation Builder

Let us reach out to your customers, as you, and help solidify positive reviews. The system will drip requests via email to your previous customers / clients. This ensures that if they missed an email that another will be sent encouraging them to leave feedback about your business.

If the customer decides to leave negative feedback, we intercept it before it goes online. This allows you to privately work out a solution to ensure their happiness. Never before has getting positive reviews been so easy!

Reputation Builder

Reputation Builder

Need On-Call Assistance?

If you’re not wanting a full SEO or Website Build package and just need WordPress website assistance, we’re here to help! If you’re naturally a DIY’er this is perfect. Get things as far as you’re able and then let us jump in and help with the difficult aspect that will just take too much time.

Graphic Design

We love good design and we have the talent to get your design needs just right. From logos to brand design, shirts to product packaging. We can do it all.

Graphic Design

Video Production

We’re here to help create the right animated video and lead you in the right direction for high quality commercial ads as well. Let us help get the creative right.

Video Production

Pay Per Click Ads

If you’re looking at immediate results and while the SEO processes get to work, Pay Per Click via Google Adwords is perfect. Let us create the right campaign.


We would love to connect and offer our suggestions by coming up with a plan. Please contact us today!