Fredrickson Learning Website Build by Spark Logix Studios
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Fredrickson Learning by Spark Logix Studios

Fredrickson Learning

Fredrickson Learning provides custom learning strategies to encourage real-world, business results. They’re a proud Minneapolis business boasting an impressive and useful service.


Clear Message. Defined Results.

Outreach to business minded individuals via a simplified design & message.

Respondo Pro

Fredrickson Communications was going through a massive rebranding effort, and as a part of that effort, they needed a complete website overhaul.  Their previous website presented a lot of information, perhaps even too much information, and with their new focus as Fredrickson Learning, they wanted to narrow the scope and purpose of their website.  Spark Logix Studios was more than happy to help out.

In conjunction with the Fredrickson team, we completely redesigned the homepage, making it dramatically more visual and elegant.  Simplicity of message was the focus, making sure that when a new visitor comes to the site, they know exactly what they’re looking at, and can find exactly what they are looking for.

To help keep the back end organized and easy to use, Spark Logix Studios created a number of Custom Post Types, to ensure that the back end was as simple to update as possible.  We also created an events calendar, to make it easy for users to find and join up coming events.

With completely renovated internal pages, and a cohesive, beautiful redesign, the fully responsive website is a beautiful thing to behold.

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