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NOMAD Pipeline Services

Nomad Pipeline Services, a contractor specializing in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Tunnel Boring techniques in complex and environmentally sensitive terrain.

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A showcase and informational website with a targeted emphasis.

Respondo Pro

Nomad approached Spark Logix Studios with the most typical reason for a new website build: They were sick of their old website, and wanted something fresh.  They were also looking for a responsive framework, since Google now penalizes non-responsive websites in their search engine rankings.  Not a complicated request, and Spark Logix Studios was up to the challenge.

We updated the site layout, taking advantage of the beautiful full width images they were able to provide from their work.  We made sure the colors from their logo dominated the site, and cleaned up their messaging, making the site a stronger marketing tool.  We also created a large portfolio of their previous work, taking full advantage of the wonderful images they provided from their job sites.

Once the site was completed, almost as an afterthought, Nomad wanted their job application converted from a simple PDF to a dynamic form on the site.  With Gravity Forms, we were able to do just that, ensuring that applications get sent to the correct location, based on what job they are applying for and using conditional logic.  Another powerful site from Spark Logix Studios.

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