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San Juan School District Web Design by Spark Logix Studios

San Juan School District

Covering 12 schools, a wonderful school district in the state of Utah.

Job Posts, Calendar and Ease of Use

Making finding things easier for teachers, students and parents alike.

Respondo Pro

The San Juan School District was in dire need of a website overhaul.  Their old site had been around for years.  Pieces had stopped working, and the staff had trouble making updates, so the site had been left to molder for years.  They wanted a completely fresh look, new functionality, and something that was easy to update.  Thankfully, the Respondo Pro Framework can do all of that, and more!

We created a sleek new look for their site design, something to match the rugged landscape where their school district is located.  We made sure the site was fully responsive, making sure everything looks beautiful, whether you visit the site on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.  We set up and Events Calendar, to make the district calendar incredibly easy to manage and update for site admins, as well as having a user friendly interface for parents, teachers, and students who come to the site.

We created a special header announcement tool, so they could clearly and easily announce school closures, emergencies, or even event updates.  We also created a number of Custom Post Types, including a document CPT, which allows admins to easily add new documents.  By basing this system on categories, we are able to dynamically add new documents for download to specific pages, with an admin only needing to upload the document to the CPT, and select the appropriate category.

San Juan was so happy with our build, we are now in the process of rebuilding all of their individual school sites.  All in all, another great build from Spark Logix Studios!

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