Lantu WordPress Website by Spark Logix Studios in Minneapolis, MN
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Lantu WordPress Website

Imagine you could have a conversation with your body. What would you want to know? Lantu helps you get these answers. Your body has a lot to tell you. Let’s listen to what it has to say.

A Great Interface that Converts

Creativity meets functional science. Blended perfectly.

Respondo Pro

The good folks at Lantu had a unique situation.  They had two brilliant PHP coders, who had created a brilliant custom system for their incredibly unique product.  They also had a great designer, who made a really great site design and marketing plan.  However, they were lacking a team to take those designs, and build them in a responsive WordPress environment, and build it in such a way that the PHP team could connect their system to the new site.

Spark Logix Studios was up to the challenge.  We took their designs, and implemented them on our framework, making minor layout and spacing adjustments to ensure the site followed best responsive practices.  Working via prepaid time, we were able to continue to support their team, creating custom animations, graphs, and all the other tools they needed in order to get their site completed, all at a cost they could afford.

Another amazing site powered by the Respondo Pro Framework.

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