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The American Composer’s Forum, a non-profit in Minnesota, reached out the Spark Logix Studios with a unique request: the wanted to build a website that they could use to build a community for song writers and composers in the Twin Cities area.  Spark Logix Studios was very excited to work on this project, and even offered a significant non-profit discount to help fit within the American Composer’s Forum budget.

The main focus of the site, is the events calendar, a means for people in the Minneapolis area to see upcoming events.  Users are able to quickly find musical or theatrical events near them, find the details of the event (including pricing, venue, organizers, etc.), and decide how they want to spend a free evening enjoying local music.

Additionally, Spark Logix Studios created a custom form, so that musicians and composers in the area can submit their upcoming events.  The form automatically creates a draft Event post, saving site admins a lot of time doing mindless data entry.  Instead, they can simply go into the site, review the new drafts, and approve them for publishing (or delete/edit them as necessary).

Another great site build from Spark Logix Studios!

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