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Juvalips contact Spark Logix Studios with a complaint we unfortunately hear a lot.  They had used a development team, and while the development team had promised them the moon, they were only able to deliver a barely functional website, that was slow, and not what the Client wanted.  Juvalips was looking for help not only cleaning up the code and improving the site speed, but also someone who could help improve the overall design to increase conversions and improve their marketing.

Spark Logix Studios began with a series of performance tests and improvements.  Images and videos were optimized, CSS was consolidated, and other tricks were used to improve the site load times by over 600%.  Getting a fast load time is paramount for sales conversions, a site user will quickly lose interest if they are waiting 8 or 9 seconds as they browse from page to page (often even longer on mobile phones).

We then revamped and redesigned the homepage, putting the focus on easily understanding and purchasing the product.  We added several plugins to increase conversions, creating exit intent pop-ups and remarketing systems.  After our work, the client saw a 2% increase in conversions over the first week of the new site.

Need to sell a product, and grow your business?  Find out how Spark Logix Studios can help!

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