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Leverson Budke

Leverson Budke

Leverson Budke Website Design

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Leverson Budke were a brand new law firm, and had no web presence at all. They wanted to change that. Not only did they want a new website, to present helpful information for perspective clients, but they wanted a tool to generate leads. They also wanted to make sure they were getting the best value for their dollar. While google adwords can be a great short term solution to generating leads, the unfortunate reality is, once adwords (or your budget) ends, so do the leads. But with organic ranking improvements, your marketing dollars can continue to pay off, even if you are no longer pursuing an aggressive backlink strategy.

We completed the initial site build, creating target content on the keywords Leverson Budke were hoping to rank for, and to get leads. We then pursued backlinks, targeting those keywords to help generate leads, improve ranking position, and improve domain authority. And the results were remarkable. The client saw an over 300% increase in incoming leads due to this process. They were extraordinarily happy with the results.

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