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Atlantis Eyelash Extensions by Spark Logix Studios

Atlantis Eyelash Extensions

Incredible Design, Third Party Systems.

A beautiful website, at any budget!

Local services, a niche focus, where big sales are possible.

Respondo Pro

Jess Nevada, owner and operator of Atlantis Eyelash Extensions, was in need of a new website for her brand new business. With an intense local focus, she needed the ability to attract new customers, and have them book appointments through the website. Initially she wanted an entirely custom booking system through the website, where she could control dates and times she was available, and have her clients book their appointments directly on the website. Unfortunately, being a new start-up, her vision for the website exceeded her budget. This is often the case, but Spark Logix Studios is always willing to investigate, and find ways our clients can meet their needs while still having a beautiful website within their budgetary constraints.

After some research, we found a third party platform that offered all of the necessary booking functionality, with a low overhead cost. This allowed Spark Logix Studios to build the website she wanted, including a beautiful custom design that matched her personality and business identity, while handling the booking functionality off-site, greatly decreasing the total cost of the website build.

Our client couldn’t be happier with the website she got, and her business has slowly been growing, allowing her to make further upgrades, and improve the site over time (including SEO work to help her draw more business). Another great build!

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