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Graphic Design

Good design makes all the difference. Let us handle the aspects behind your brand design, we’ve seen it all. And at the top of the list: our website User Experience knowledge. We understand how to connect prospects to the right conversion funnel (with the help of great design). There’s really no limit to what we can dream up (and create, together).

If you’re not proud of the look of your brand’s design (website, logo, social media images, +?), you should be. Now’s the time to change it, be proud of it, and grow from it.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
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Local Search Marketing
Website Audit + Speed Management
Reputation Builder
Social Media Management
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Search Engine Optimization
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Logo Design

Our process for logo creation makes it easy on you. We listen to your needs, you provide us examples of what you like and we write up a logo brief. Once we have your approval we create several variations for you to choose from. Once you’ve requested changes we finalize the logo design in the formats you wish and that’s it. Simple logo design at Spark Logix Studios.

MacQueen Emergency Logos
OGI Logo Options
Social Glue Logo Options
Lighting the Way Logo Options
Custom Coolers Logo Options
Kroy Logo Design Options
MacQueen Logo Options
Tech List Logo Options

Brand Design

Have an idea for a brand design concept? Let us take your ideas, add our experience and artistic skill and make your ideas a visual reality. A great brand has identity, first impression of your identity may be through design. Getting it right can be a big deal!

Boating Brand Design
Camping Brand Design
Camping Brand Design
Tubing Design
Daily Minneapolis
Lovers Brand Design
Colorado Snow Design
Colorado Brand Design
Visual Brand Design
Mountain Bike Brand Design
Skiing Graphic Design
Brand Design


Package Design

Let us help your packaging design not look terrible. After all, what’s seen on the package has a huge impact on buying power. Wether you’re selling a mass produced product or a simple, local item, solid brand packaging goes a long way. Let us take our creative skill and make it work for you.

American Wildlife Series Box Design
Zombucks Starving Liberty and The Saint Proof Silver Rounds
Tumbler Packaging Design
Cold Pressed Juice Label Design
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Box Design
Binocular Packaging Box Design

Advertising Creative

Get more sales with better ad design. We’ve got you covered with the ad creative work you’re in need of. Wether you’re looking for print or online, digital creative, we know how to get it right. Not only are we ready to take on your creative work, we can also help structure the concepts and message. Take our years of advertising design capacity and let us create the ad converting work you’re in need of.

Silver Bullets - Print Card
Zombucks Silver Rounds - Print Ad
Don't Tread on Me Provident Metals Silver Round - Print Card
Provident Metals Silver Rounds - Print Ad
Provident Metals Molon Labe Silver Rounds - Print Card
Elemetal Vault Print Ad

Banner Designs

Even the best website setup and UX can be hurt if you don’t have graphic design as a priority on the site. Great images, expertly modified to fit your brand’s message. Let us help you get creative and come up with the right online brand message via custom designed banners (or other website images).

Transformers - 1 oz Silver Bars - Web Creative
Year of the Monkey - Provident Lunar Silver Round Web Creative
The Plank Ultra High Relief 2 oz Silver Round Web Creative
Silverbugs Kraken Silver Rounds - Web Creative

Clothing Brand Design

We create brand designs that easily translate to clothing. If you have a brand / clothing idea let us take on the creative work to get it just right. Trust our years of branding experience for your very important project.

Lumberjack tee Shirt Design
Tee Shirt Design
Colorado Hat Design
Local Business t Shirt Design

Automobile Graphic Design

There’s no limit to the design work options at Spark Logix Studios, challenge us with your next design project.

Bristol - Josh Wise - Provident Metals NASCAR Design
Texas Motor Speedway - Josh Wise - Provident Metals NASCAR Design

It’s easy to get started!

Let us help with all your graphic design requests.