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On Call Assistance

We’ve created a request system that really benefits our Clients. If you ever notice a technical issue on your website or if something is going wrong with any third party software (analytics, social media, hosting, +?) we’re there to help. We have established this on-call assistance service with your busy life in mind. We’re there when you need us.

Take advantage of having someone on-call, in your corner to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can focus on your business. The benefits to this service are immeasurable.

On Call Assistance
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On-Call Website Assistance

Stuck with a Developer that can’t figure out how to solve a development task? Or are you just frustrated by something that’s not working correctly on your WordPress website? Whatever the case, we’re WordPress experts that want to offer you assistance.

You don’t need to have a full website build completed by us, we’re happy to assist with smaller projects and assistance after the bulk of the website has been created. We’re really good at being on call and fixing issues at a fraction of the cost. And our pricing is as transparent as it gets.

What to consider when selecting website assistance:

Not all Developers are created equal and finding the right one can be difficult.

Working with Contractors

When working with a Contractor (a single person) you will probably pay less per hour. However, in most circumstances individuals that work alone have limited resources and in many cases do not have a large portfolio of work. Generally speaking, single resource Contractors have a limited skill set available.

Timing with an individual Contractor is another factor. If you plan on working with one person you’ll need to assume one of two things: they have ample work which means they’ll get to you when they are able to (OR) they do not have a workload and can get to your project right away. If their workload is limited, this may mean they do not have the experience required to work through your needs in a timely and economical fashion.

Working with Agencies

A large agency will most likely not be interested in taking on small projects. If they do take on a project, there is a lot of overhead that goes in to taking on new Clients. This means the costs can be high. In addition to this, many large agencies farm work off to companies like Spark Logix Studios, and for good reason. Large agencies are a great solution when in need of app development or offline marketing. But for website assistance, your best bet is a dedicated and relatively small WordPress agency.

Relatively small means that you are getting the attention that you need. And with that attention comes a team of WordPress experts that are on call to work through fixes and new solutions efficiently. Spark Logix Studios is the perfect fit for WordPress site builds and website help at a low cost.

Affordable Website Help (done right and fast)

We would love to chat about your project and help however we can.

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+ On-Call Digital Marketing Assistance

If you’ve got small requests or need help with your internet marketing efforts, we’re here to help.