WordPress Customizer by Spark Logix Studios in Minnesota & Colorado

WordPress Customizer

Every website Spark Logix Studios builds includes WordPress Customizer functionality. We listen to your design needs, create your website to fit your exact design requests and then give you the power to make adjustments (if you want) for the future. Whether you want to do it yourself or have us update the site, your costs have just gone way down.

Trusted WordPress Team

Why do agencies and organizations trust Spark Logix Studios for WordPress Assistance?

WordPress Experience

We’ve been building responsive websites before all browsers knew how to handle the code. We only build WordPress websites (and have been since 2009). We’ve worked thousands of hours on just WordPress related requests. We know the themes, plugins, the servers, and the code. We are WordPress.

Custom Designed Websites

Our typical web build process goes something like this: The Client provides inspiration sites they love. Examples of a header from one site, the homepage of another, and so on. We take the Client’s requests and we create a full site preview (all screen sizes accounted for). The Client then provides feedback and we get the website 100% perfect.

Future Proof Websites

We have the page creation tools and the customizer options to ensure you NEVER need to start from scratch again. We can change the entire design of the website in a matter of hours, not days (and not having to start over from the beginning).

Lifetime Updates

Whether you decide to keep us around or not, you get lifetime updates (all the improvements we make for our agency partners and clients) available in the dashboard every time we publish an update.


We provide quotes and stand by those quotes. If we tell you something is going to take 10 hours and it takes us 15, you don’t pay the extra 5. We also offer pre-paid hour options that allow us to be on call, give you an exact account of our time (weekly), and they never expire. Getting your budget right is easy with Spark Logix Studios.

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