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Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Let’s be clear to start: stock photography shouldn’t be your first choice. There’s nothing better than professional photos of the actual business, employees, services, products and/or work completed. BUT… sometimes that full width image deserves a really great stock photo. They certainly have their place in web design. With this in mind, here are some of the best FREE stock photography websites to help along the way.


This site is my first go-to when looking for really compelling full width images. You’ll find a large mix of photos (with emphasis on vast landscapes).

Check out Photos at Unsplash
Unsplash Stock Photos


Think: real life landscape patterns (for the most part). These too are good for the full width background in some circumstances.

Check out Photos at Superfamous
Superfamous Stock Photos

New Old Stock

These images are incredible and while they don’t always have their place in a new web build, they’re incredible. At New Old Stock you’ll find old photos that you can’t find anywhere else.

Check out Photos at New Old Stock
New Old Stock Photos


People, places and things in a very unique way. A lot of these photos are very unique and expertly created.

Check out Photos at Gratisography
Gratisography Stock Photos

Pic Jumbo

People, places and things in a standard, stock format. Good for businesses that need specific photos to highlight on page, content needs (generally).

Check out Photos at Pic Jumbo
Pic Jumbo Stock Photos


Inspiring photos that may not fit in all business applications. Landscapes and non-business related items.

Check out Photos at Magdeleine
Magdeleine Stock Photos

Get Real Life Photos

People, places and things with an emphasis on landscapes. There are some great, standout images that work well with a full width landscape need on the website.

Check out Photos at Get Real Life Photos
Real Life Stock Photos

Foodies Feed

This is strictly food photography. There are lot of hidden gems on the site. Supplement your food photography with nicely staged, food images.

Check out Photos at Foodies Feed
Foodies Feed

The Pattern Library

Repeat patterns can go a long way when using the full width parallax and column background shortcodes by Spark Logix Studios.

Check out Patterns at The Pattern Library
Pattern Library

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  1. Brit Myers

    Thank you so much for sharing about these sites. For the longest time I had only ever used Photo Pin because I was not aware there were other options. This is great for me seeing as I am not very good with a camera but I still want images that will stand out among the millions and trillions of them online. Bookmarking this page!


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